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Assembling Smiles one product at a time!

There may be no better way to create smiles than when someone sees their new products assembled and placed in their home with no hassles. 


Bought something new but those instructions seem too ridiculous to understand? or maybe you don't have the right tools? Perhaps the home improvement store is over-charging on installtion? 

All American Junkies is equipped to assemble any new products you've purchased. Our services range from electronics, like TV mounting, to a variety of indoor and outdoor furniture, utilizing all necessary tools and equipment. Our team offers appliance installation at a fraction of the cost compared to home improvement stores. We handle the assembly and installation of your items, freeing up your time for other important tasks.

Want that area cleared from all the unwanted items? Our Junkies team can haul away whatever you no longer need or want. Need painting too? Our Junkies can do that and so much more! Our team also installs appliances or even hang drapey or arrange pictures which is why our customizable services are personal...for you and for us. All American Junkies can clear away the junk, clean and paint your space, and then assemble your new pieces with the time frame that works best for you.

The more we do for you, the more you save! 

Give us a call today.  

jenni vanity.jpg

What Means the Most #1

All American Junkies put together a little girl's vanity as a birthday surprise from her family. The mother said what meant the most to her was that we were able to show up on such short notice and bring all the tools necessary (as she was a single mom & some of the parts were missing in the assembly she ordered). What means the most to our Junkies team is that we bring smiles to people regardless of which service we provide.

What Matters Most #2

Sometimes what matters most is a good night sleep! A couple new to the area hired us to assemble their recently purchased king bed. After moving and unpacking, they were simply too exhausted to tackle anything more. 

Of course, another unrelated couple booked our service to simply remove an old bed before their new one arrived. 

No matter your circumstance, All American Junkies are able to provide a customizable service that suits your specific needs.

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