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Affordable Pricing & Peace of Mind

Junk removal pricing is quite simple. We simply charge based on the amount of space your items take up in the back of our truck.

We always provide you with a free, no-obligation price as soon as you show us what to take. Once you give us the go-ahead, we'll get started with the job and complete it right then and there!

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Delivering Affordable & Convenient Disposal Solutions


Junk removal pricing is quite simple. We simply charge based on the amount of space your items take up in the back of our truck.

We always provide you with a free, no-obligation price as soon as you show us what to take. Once you give us the go-ahead, we'll get started with the job and complete it right then and there!

We take pride in offering clear and easy-to-understand pricing. Before we begin, you’ll always receive a free, no-obligation estimate for the removal and disposal or donation of any item.

We believe that junk removal services should be easy on our customers and their wallets. While most junk removal companies are known to overcharge for their services, we know that we can best serve our customers by providing fair, affordable services they can feel good about because we are locally owned and operated right here in Springfield, Missouri area.

When you hire MO VALLEY JUNKIES for your junk removal service, you’ll know exactly what you’re paying from the start.

Let’s talk about Junk Removal Costs.  One of the questions we face most often from customers is, “How much is this going to cost?”  The underlying thought that the customer is trying to sort out is whether they should try to find a less expensive solution.  I would do the exact same thing if I was in their position.  I’ll walk you through how pricing works, but first off, I want to share (proudly) that our prices are very affordable in the Springfield area.  This is specifically related to the cost per cubic yard of removed materials.  Truck sizes vary greatly between companies so comparing truckload pricing to determine who offers the best deal can be challenging.

Pricing is determined based on how much space your items take up in our truck.  The minimum charge for a pickup is $125.  This might be a washer or a dryer or a small item.  From there, costs move through 12 different price points and the max out at $625 for a full truckload.  This is equivalent to 6 full-size pickup trucks.  That’s a whole lotta junk!

Our prices are based on how much room your junk will take up in our truck. After the MO Valley Junkies see the scope of the project, we’ll deliver an up-front price estimate and make an agreement with you before we move a thing.

JUNK REMOVAL service by All American Junkies
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  • FULL TRUCKLOAD        
    • 3/4 TRUCKLOAD      
    • 1/2 TRUCKLOAD      
    • 1/4 TRUCKLOAD      
    • MINIMUM                  

-----------12 Feet Length----------

--4 Feet Height--

--Depth 8 Feet--


1/4 LOAD


1/2 LOAD


3/4 LOAD




Other factors that dictate Junk Removal Costs?
In providing junk removal services companies have many expenses including the job labor, office space, phone operators, tax and insurance.  Other vehicle-based expenses include gas, insurance, maintenance, etc.  Heck, even the landfills charge by the ton to drop off junk at their facility.   Rest assured, we do everything we can to offer the best prices to our customers.

Here at Altitude Hauling, our owner is on the truck and we work with recycling centers where possibles, which helps keep our prices low and our customers happy.  The best part is our prices are typically 20% lower than our competitors.  We even offer occasional specials so be on the lookout for those!

Should you comparison shop junk removal prices? 
If a customer did a superficial review of the various competitors in the junk removal industry in Denver they would find some companies that seemingly offer a cheaper junk removal price.  A company may post on their site a price like $480 for a full truckload while ours is $625.  They may even say they are $145 less expensive than us.  So how could our junk removal costs actually be less expensive than theirs?  Well, their truck size might only be equivalent to 4 pickup truck loads while ours is actually equal to 6.  This would mean they’re charging $120 per pickup truck load while we are charging less than $104 per.  Wow, that’s a big difference!



couch and furniture removal service by All American Junkies


Our pricing is calculated based on the volume your junk items take up in our truck.

affordable and transparent pricing by All American Junkies


Our rates are based on accessibility, fair wage labor and various disposal costs.

Recycling services by All American Junkies


Some types of items have additional landfill disposal fees or disassembly fees.

Is Junk Removal Pricing Negotiable?
A lot of people try to negotiate junk removal prices. Unfortunately there typically isn’t enough room to negotiate a job because our prices start off as affordable as possible.  Who wants to argue about costs anyways?  Isn’t it nice to know that the price you’re quoted is as inexpensive as it can be offered?

What about the big franchises?
Franchises have better name brand recognition and higher ranking in Google which certainly increases the demand for their services.  This, in turn, allows them to charge more money per job compared to local providers.  This is basic economics: more demand allows higher prices to be charged. Typically the big franchises also charge an additional 15% fee which goes right out of state to corporate.  Some franchises even offer profit sharing which unfortunately incentivizes employees to charge as much as they can for a job.  Do you want the staff members to make more if they can price your job higher?  I highly doubt it.

Is cost the only important factor?
Customers want and deserve affordable junk removal costs, but is that the only thing that matters?  Customers also want vendors that are going to show up on time and be professional and courteous (and get the job done quickly).

The junk removal company’s staff members may potentially need to be in your home and we know you don’t want mud tracked or anything broken.  Plus having strangers in the home in the first place can be a sensitive matter.  It’s reasonable to expect the area where the junk was removed from to be broom swept after the job.  Working with reputable companies with great reviews online is important here.  We pride ourselves on gaining terrific reviews and information on our Google Maps, Yelp and Facebook pages.  Plus we offer same day service where possible.  That’s a nice touch!

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We work with various local partners so that whatever items can be recycled, reused, or refurbished goes to the appropriate resources to ensure less waste in landfills. Please contact us for the most accurate information on customizing our junk removal services to fit your needs.




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